Q) When i place an order for a complete kitchen over the internet, what happens next ?

A) When we receive an order we have a look through the order to make sure the order looks okay, we check aspects of the order such as have you got the correct cabinet colour for the door style you have ordered, and make sure you have the correct door sizes to go with the units ordered. We will also look to see you have items such as plinth (to finish off below the base units), cornice and lighting pelmet (to finish off below and above the wall units). We will also confirm that you are okay with the delivery timescale and the terms of delivery.(plese see delivery timescales). Once we have spoken to you and confirmed everything is okay with the order and delivery we will then take payment and put the order into production.

Q) Are your units supplied with fittings?

A) Our units are supplied with all neccesary fittings. hinges, legs, wall hangers, wall plates, shelf support studs. Most are factory fitted such as the legs, hinges and cabinet hangers, whilst other fittings such as wall plates are supplied in a fittings box as they need to be fitted on site.

Q) Do i need a unit for a built under integrated fridge, washing machine or dishwasher ?

A) No, all you need is the appropriate size door. the appliance will be supplied with a hinge system to attach the door. If the appliance is situated at the end of a run you will need an end panel to cover the side of the appliance.

Q) Are the cabinets fully built up or flat-packed?

A) The cabinets are delivered direct to your door fully built up ready for installation-RIGID OPTION

A)The cabinets are delivered direct to your door flat-packed-FLATPACK OPTION.

Q) How are the cabinets constucted?

A) The cabinets are manufactured using 18mm Egger mfc. The units are made using glue/dowel and Titus metal cam fittings. A construction technique which is normally used by the continental (German/French) kitchen manufacturers. The fittings used have been sourced to provide a top quality long lasting kitchen.

Q) What are the advantages of 18mm cabinets made from glue and dowel construction? A) Glue and dowel constructed furniture is the ‘proper way’ of manufacturing. A more precise technique that is used by all the leading manufacturers throughout europe. A sturdier unit is achieved as there is no movement of joints in the cabinets.

Q) Can our units be used with heavier worktops such as granite or corian?

A) Because our units are made from 18mm glue and dowel constructed cabinets they can be used with any type of worktop.

Q) Are your cabinet colours a similar colour to the doors?

A) We have worked in conjunction with the door supplier to bring you the best possible cabinet/door matches. Each door has a recommended cabinet colour that is the best possible available match to the door.

Q) Do your doors come pre drilled?

A) If you purchase a door only order the doors will be supplied undrilled as they will be fitted to existing cabinets. The doors will have to be drilled on site to suit the existing hinge positions on the units. If you are purchasing a full kitchen with both cabinets and doors we will drill the doors to suit your kitchen layout.

A)If you order the flat-pack option the drawers and runners are the same items but will require on-site fitting.

Q) Do the doors and drawers come with soft close systems as standard, and if not how do i upgrade?

A) The doors are not supplied with soft close as standard. To upgrade you simply need to calculate the number of doors you require with soft close attachments and order seperately.

A)All our drawers are soft close as standard.

How long will it be before my goods are delivered?

It depends on what you have ordered: Small stock items like handles are normally dispatched within 24 hours by post and should arrive within a few days. Larger stock items like worktops and furniture, allow 7/10 days.

Made to order goods like doors and carcasses allow 3/4 weeks but painted doors can be up 5/6 weeks

We will be able to give you more specific information nearer the actual delivery time - see below for more information

Will the delivery driver carry the goods into the house?

He will normally help you into the hall or the garage, but please remember these are trade deliveries and “help” is the operative word. There should be an able-bodied person to receive the goods and help to unload and carry the goods inside.

Large cabinets and worktops definitely need two people to carry them into the house. They are quite heavy and under no circumstances will delivery drivers carry goods upstairs. You should bear this point in mind if you live in a flat and are not on the ground floor. In this case, you will need another person to help you, other than the delivery driver.

Do you offer a fitting service?

YES. We offer a full fitting service in the South Yorkshire area.This includes electrical,plumbing,heating,tiling,flooring.All our installations are carried out by qualified tradesmen who are fully insured and have a long working relationship with our company.

Q) Are the drawer boxes/pan drawer boxes fully fitted and what type of drawer/pan drawer boxes do you supply?

A) When ordering any rigid unit with drawers or pan drawers, you will be supplied with hettich innotech metal sided drawer/pan drawers fully factory fitted. ( See drawers and runners section to checkout the quality of the drawers/pan drawers)